Afirmation of the VeloCouch Identity…

Last night (Sunday night) I found myself taking my first breather of the day at about 5:30pm. I was just out of the shower and had about a half hour before it was time to get moving again…

My day started at 6:50am when I bolted out of bed and into clothing, before making a quick breakfast, and loading into the car. It was day two of the Marin County Triathlon in San Rafael and this year I managed a bike support station for the bicycle legs. Short post about this to follow (I promise ;).

My tool box. His name is Hank.

When I finished providing service at the triathlon it was back into the car so I could rip a little further up the highway to a local cyclocross race at Stafford Lake in Novato. I grabbed some food and more coffee on the go, arrived at the race, registered, kitted up, warmed up… raced! Short post about this to follow (Again, I promise ;).

The start line at the Stafford Lake CX race.

Done with the CX race, my prize money collected(uh, thank you very much), and I squeezed in a few minutes catching up with my friends and race-mates before I had to shred Hwy 101 back down to SF… I had a tent and equipment from the Triathlon service to offload, my gear from the CX race to unpack, and I had to jump into that shower. When all was said and done, it was a good thing I did the whole day at race pace. Otherwise, that half hour of down time wouldn’t have been there…

At 6:00pm it was time to jump into husband mode and take my wifey out for a night on the town. We cruised down to Filmore St. for a candlelit dinner, and I had a cappuccino for desert because we had tickets to a performance at The Filmore. Another short post about this to follow (still promising ;).

Canadian band City and Colour (in between songs)

The show (standing room only) wrapped up at 11:00pm.

When my head eventually hit the pillow last night I thought “it’s days like these that it’s a really good thing I’m an endurance athlete.” And, considering the fact that I have a lot of days like this I suddenly realized I ought to write this post.

Then, this morning I got to thinking about things on the next level… I thought about my Sunday in the context of the week leading up to it. This prompted me to look at the calendar I’ve been keeping, and that’s when it hit me…

“I might be insane.”

I’m beginning to realize how this whole “bicycle infused life” (and career) that I’ve established/am establishing, is quite robust. Just taking in my “events calendar” I see an average of 3-4 per week that just goes on, and on, and on. Remarkably, they’re almost all local (San Francisco & Marin County) events, bike rides, races and functions. Pretty much everything incorporates bicycling or the bicycling community in one way or another, and all but a few are things that I’m working on, supporting, or otherwise participating in myself.

And as I look back, I realize all the events and functions which I never got a chance to talk about here. I truth, my blog posting has defaulted to the stories that are easiest for me to bang out. The easiest to tell. There were/are so many more stories in there… it’s crazy!

So…taking all of this into account, all I’m looking to do is offer a few conclusions for the day.

First: It’s amazing what is possible when you’re following your passions…

Do you want more energy and output? Find a way to focus your life and your career in the direction of things that you naturally want to be doing, all the time. Because I’ve found that even at my pace, and with my schedule I’m almost always enjoying myself. And with that, I have to recognize the fact that I only get tired or run-down every once in a while.

Second: Bicycling is good! Yes…

With strategic application, and the appropriate level of moderation, incorporating bicycling into your life will fortify you with strength, energy and endurance. And it doesn’t matter if you become a racer, or not, the simple activity of bicycling will help you to get more out of life, regardless.

Third: I ought give myself little pat on the back for totally owning this VeloCouch thing…

Whether or not I’m able to sit down and write about everything I’m doing, the notions I’ve been championing…
“where life and bicycles intertwine”
“living a bicycle infused life”
“fresh legs for the bicycle industry”
…are all truly working to establish something that I’m going to be very proud of, and I’m having a lot of fun making them come alive.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading. I’ll keep it coming…as much as is possible…

2 thoughts on “Afirmation of the VeloCouch Identity…

  1. Straighten up HANK the tool box! Did your father not teach you anything? How can you find anything in that unorganized mess? Even your stickers are crooked! I failed as a parent………

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